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Become a Member of The Vegetarian Vegan Society of Queensland Inc. (VVSQ)

Membership is open to vegetarians, vegans, veg-curious, and those who support the lifestyle and our goals.

About VVSQ

The Vegetarian Vegan Society of Queensland (VVSQ) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1990 (incorporated in 1994), that aims to support and connect people who want to lead a more compassionate way of life. 
We encourage veganism as a healthy, humane, and environmentally responsible lifestyle, and offer support to vegans, vegetarians, veg-curious, and our allies who support the lifestyle and our goals. We believe that a plant-based diet and vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is Vital for our health, our planet, and our animal friends. In fact, we have a quarterly magazine promoting these things! 
We hope with our events and outreach, to create a vibrant and effective veg community - throughout ALL of Queensland (not just the cities) - and together with YOU we will be able to make this world a better place for all, including our animal friends.

What you get as a paid VVSQ member

  • Vital magazine via post and link to access online (quarterly) 
  • Invitations to VVSQ events
  • Adult members have voting rights at the VVSQ Annual General Meeting
  • Adult members are eligible to serve on the committee 

. If you are already a member then you can renew directly in the VVSQ online shop.

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