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Management Committee

Meet the sparkling new Management Committee of 2018!

- To Be Announced (Secretary)

- Josh (Secretarial Adviser)

- Julie (Treasurer)

- Adele (Designer)

- Natalie (Support Cooridnator)

- Paul (Markets & Stalls Liaison Officer)

- Lisa (Markets & Stalls Liaison Officer)

- Zade (President)

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland (VVSQ) is a non-profit organisation, established in 1990  (incorporated in 1994) that aims to support and connect people who want to lead a more compassionate way of life

We encourage veganism as a healthy, humane, and environmentally responsible lifestyle, and offer support to vegans, vegetarians, veg-curious, and our allies who support the lifestyle and our goals. We believe that a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle is Vital for our health, our planet, and our animal friends!

We hope with our events and outreach, to create a vibrant and effective veg community - throughout ALL of Queensland (not just the cities) - and together with YOU we will be able to make this world a better place for all beings.

VVSQ is starting fresh, with a new committee on board (as of November 2017), all new members, and all new financial sponsors and ethical partners. We are collaborating with all of our current members and our Committee to listen to all of the new ideas being put forth, and from this develop initatives to increase memberships, provide free workshops, and work together with our supporters to explain how they can get campaigning!

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VVSQ Committee

L-R: Julie (Treasurer), Zade (President), Holly (Former Secretary), Leigh-Chantelle (Former President), Josh (Former Secretary)

Photo by Adele Walker