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Vegetarian Vegan Society of Queensland

                The Vegetarian Vegan Society of Queensland (VVSQ) is a non-profit organisation, established in December 1994, 
that aims to support and connect people who want to lead a more compassionate way of life.

We encourage veganism as a healthy, humane, and environmentally responsible lifestyle, and offer support to vegans, vegetarians, veg-curious, and our allies who support the lifestyle and our goals. We believe that a plant-based diet and vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is Vital for our health, our planet, and our animal friends. In fact, we have a quarterly magazine promoting these things!

We hope with our events and outreach, to create a vibrant and effective veg community - throughout ALL of Queensland (not just the cities) - and together with YOU we will be able to make this world a better place for all, including our animal friends.

VVSQ 2.0 is starting to germinate, with a new committee on board (as of November 2016), new members, and new ideas being put forth for where Queensland veg people would like to see VVSQ in the future, and how they can get involved to make it happen.

Upcoming Events - VVSQ Meeting of the Minds

Our new President, Leigh-Chantelle invites all VVSQ members - and non-members - to attend a Meeting of the Minds discussion on  Saturday 21 January
 at the Brisbane Square Library (266 George Street, Brisbane CBD) in the Community Meeting Room.

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Who should attend?
  •  All who are interested in working with VVSQ 2.0 to create an inclusive, effective, supportive, vibrant Queensland veg community. 
  •  VVSQ members
  •  Queensland residents who are interested in a veg diet and lifestyle

What will take place?
A conversation starter to find out what people want from VVSQ going forward AND how they can help to make things happen.
Leigh-Chantelle will deliver a short presentation on where VVSQ has been along with ide as of others and her own for VVSQ 2.0.

What should I bring?
Your wonderful ideas, and an open mind and ears!
Paper and a pen, or a digital device.
Snacks, water, food - you can bring food into the space and there is a kitchenette if needed.

Will anything actually happen from the meeting?
Ideas discussed at the Meeting of the Minds will be presented to the VVSQ members meeting in early February for voting ideas in (or not) - depending on people we have to action the ideas.

What if I can't make it?
Please share this event, encourage others to share, and invite your friends in Queensland to attend.
Run a FaceBook group, page etc? Please share there.

What if I can't make it? I have an awesome idea and want to be involved with making it happen.
Please submit your idea in writing to Leigh-Chantelle to deliver on your behalf BEFORE  Sunday 15 January
Email:  [email protected]

Hope to see you there!

Queensland Events via Vegan Australia