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Vegetarian/Vegan Supermarket Shopping Guide

Most people think that you need to go to a speciality store to buy veg*n, not so, everything you need can be purchased from your local supermarket.

This is a guide to buying Vegetarian/Vegan food and drinks. Feel free to add to the list or post comments. If you know of any veg*n food or drinks please add them to the list using the form at the end of this page.

We are in no way connected to any of these companies. The list is compiled by members and visitors to the site because they have found, and liked these products and are advising others about them.

Our Supermarket Shopping Guide is a must read if you are a new vegetarian. (by aquadragon)

Please add your favourite supermarket item to the list.

Guide to Queenslands best retailers in Microsoft Word format Download Queensland Organic Retailers Guide, exhaustive list of Vegetarian/Vegan friendly retailers, processors, wholesalers, and organisations.

Apparel, mugs and other products (5 products)

Asian (2 products)

Beauty (8 products)

Beverages (5 products)

Biscuits (15 products)

Biscuits / Muffins (2 products)

Breads (5 products)

Breakfast Cereal (1 product)

Burgers (8 products)

Cake Mix (1 product)

Cakes (2 products)

Cheese (13 products)

Chips (7 products)

Chocolate (15 products)

Cleaning & Body (1 product)

Cleaning and laundry products (10 products)

Condiments (1 product)

Confectionary (1 product)

Confectionery (13 products)

Convenience Foods (11 products)

Desserts (1 product)

Dietary Supplement (18 products)

Dips (10 products)

Dressings (1 product)

Footwear (2 products)

Fruit Juices (1 product)

Hair Care, Skin Care (36 products)

health tea (1 product)

ice cream (2 products)

Jelly Crystals (1 product)

Mayonnaise (3 products)

Meat Substitutes (13 products)

Muesli Bars (8 products)

Oral Hygiene (2 products)

Organic cotton Tshirts (1 product)

organic sweetener (1 product)

Pasta and Noodles (4 products)

Pet Food (3 products)

Ready To Eat Curries (1 product)

Sauces (17 products)

Skin care (2 products)

Soup (2 products)

Spice Meals (1 product)

Spices (1 product)

Spreads (8 products)

Staple Foods (4 products)

Staple foods, Pet Foods (1 product)

Stock cubes (2 products)

Tea (1 product)

Vegetarian/Vegan Soaps (2 products)

Wine (2 products)

Yogurt (5 products)

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For more products see the Vegetarian Newtork Victoria website.