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About The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland


Our aim is to encourage vegetarianism as a healthy, humane and environmentally responsible way of life, and to offer support to vegetarians and vegans and to those wishing to make the change.

Our office is located in Brisbane, Australia and we have a large selection of books, videos, shirts and other merchandise as well as a comprehensive lending library.

This site provides advice on nutrition, recipes, religion, an opportunity for discussion and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked frequently by people new to this website.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Where We Are

The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland is located in Queensland, the north-eastern state of Australia. Our office is in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

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Our Address

Our address is:
The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland
1086 Waterworks Road
The Gap QLD 4061
Phone (07) 3300 9320
International 617 3300 9320

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For details on joining the society see the Membership Page.
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For details on donating to the society see the Donations Page.
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Member Discounts

One of the benefits of being a member is discounts from various businesses across Queensland. This page contains some of the businesses that generously support the Society.

Enquiries about adding your business to the list are welcome. We are currently seeking other business supporters. Send us your logo and a short description of your services and discounts and we will add you to the list.

Discounts at Shops and Restaurantsnew

Discounts with Natural Therapistsnew

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Email Our Webmaster

Email with ideas for the site, or if you find any errors/broken links.
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The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland Inc. or any or all of it's officers, employees or agents (the Society) shall not be liable in any action or proceedings arising from any information provided on the Society's website, nor shall the Society be responsible for any error or omission in such information.The Society expressly disclaims all and any liability to any person or persons arising out of anything done, or omitted to be done, in association with the Society's website.
The Society's website does not purport or intend to provide medical or any other kind of advice or opinion and viewers should not rely upon any information which is contained on the Society's website for these purposes. Any viewer of the Society's website wishing to obtain medical or any other advice or opinion should consult his or her own health professional or other relevant professional as the case may be.

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