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QLD Abattoir Photos

Photos from a Queensland Abattoir

WARNING! Some people may find these photos taken in a slaughterhouse distressing. However the news articles following the photos are worth reading.

This series of photos was taken by Ella Pellegrini, a young Italian photography student visiting Australia. She had permission from management at the South East Qld abattoir to do this, and made two trips in, but she said that the smell and noise were horrendous. She said it would have been good to visit more times, but she had such feelings of terror that she was unable to muster the courage.

Most people will find these photos to be quite disturbing but we put them on the site to give a small glimpse into the horror of the meat industry. These images are repeated tens of thousands of times a day on cattle in Australia alone and they do not capture the sounds and smells of these horrific places. The reality of the meat industry is actually much worse than these photos suggest and this violence is a primary reason why people go vegetarian. The other main reasons people stop eating meat is for health and environmental reasons.

These pictures may help to explain why we demonstrated for four days outside the conference room at The Convention Centre, where the World Meat Congress was held (26th - 29th April 2006). Protests took many different forms, including a near naked young woman, Jamie Yew from AL Vic, who threw fake blood over herself, then climbed into an oversized "meat tray" and covered herself with cling wrap. Another was when eleven activists from three states walked into an Ipswich abattoir at 3am and chained themselves to machinery on the killing floor and others chained themselves to the chute which would take the animals to their death.

We hope that these photos will help to encourage you to give up eating meat for the sake of the terrified creatures that have to endure this fate and the people who are payed to do this work. Paul McCartney's words are totally relevent: 'If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would go vegetarian.' Please go vegetarian, the meat industry is cruel and brutal, a disaster for the environment and bad for human health

The following are some articles from the local press.